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In the chemical industry, controlling airborne contaminants is both a requirement and a challenge. Dry rooms represent an answer to this challenge. A dry room is a clean room whose atmosphere is controlled in temperature and humidity with a relative humidity of less than 20%. When this level is less than 2%, the term “anhydrous room” is used. Dessica ™ Systems’ make it possible to obtain, in these dry rooms, the required conditions of temperature, humidity or dust.



  • Control low humidity level required for production (dry air up to -60 °C dew point)
  • Maintain a high quality standard for manufactured products
  • Protect the products from corrosion (lithium Ion batteries for example)
  • Provide dry air handling units with a high level of air and water tightness


The quality of our products, the efficiency of our installation and the impact on your work processes will be almost immediate.

Anhydrous rooms and dry rooms dehumidification system

An anhydrous room is a dry room where the relative humidity must be under 2%.

Anhydrous rooms or dry rooms are required for many applications and several industries such as chemicals, pharmaceutical, electronics.

DESSICA systems make possible to achieve the required temperature, humidity or dust level conditions in these dry rooms.

Some manufacturing such as lithium batteries for electric vehicle require very low humidity atmosphere (between 0,5% to 2% that is to say from -22°F to -49°F low dew point). Lithium molecules become explosive on contact with water. The anhydrous rooms are also used in the manufacturing of hydrophobic products, or in products that deteriorate on contact with water.

For this particular rooms, DESSICA supply very specifics materials with high efficiency (to go to -85°F low dew point) and such a high impermeability to air and water vapor.

DESSICA supply a complete solution drying systems (design and produce by DESSICA): STAD type Low Dew Point version, specially designed to treat air at very low dew point.

Low Dew Point Humidity Control for Battery Production

Everybody knows the electric mobility is the heart of the ecological transition. DESSICA supplies already manufacturers of electric car batteries in Europe. The anhydrous environment is essential for the assembly of components and to prevent their oxidation on contact with water in the air. In lithium battery manufacturing laboratories, the required humidity must be extremely low.

Benefits of anhydrous rooms battery

  • strictly controlled ultra-low humidity levels
  • maximize quality, cycle life, storage capacity and production yield
  • optimal use of energy
  • maintaining consistent conditions through staff flow
  • maintaining consistent conditions through the year and seasonal


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