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Moisture removal and its challenges – a major consideration across many industries

Dehumidification is big business. It’s important not just in the home, where many people use small dehumidifiers to enable them to remove moisture from the air to tackle damp and mould, but also in the workplace. Too much humidity, or simply excessive variation in levels of humidity, can cause big problems in industries as diverse as the agri-food and food processing sector, industrial bakeries & pastries, the pharmaceutical industry, the chemicals industry and all companies involved in the process of seed storage.

To remove moisture on an industrial scale, however, requires modular units for dehumidification and air treatment that are capable of taking on industrial-sized jobs! Dessica Dryair’s industrial moisture removal solutions are designed for just such tasks.

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Remove moisture for a cleaner, greener and more cost-effective way forward

Excess humidity in various industrial processes creates problems related to hygiene, energy consumption and productivity. Industrial moisture removal will benefit businesses and consumers alike.

The advantages of improved hygiene are most obvious in the food processing industry. Remove moisture from this industrial process and you cut down on the chance of both physical and microbiological contamination. A dryer, cooler atmosphere also has a big impact on general productivity in the food business. For example, cutting humidity reduces the clogging and stickiness that can occur when bread and pastry products come into contact with conveyor belts and pneumatic conveying systems. Food products sticking to the walls of spray drying towers (often used to make powdered milk) also fall into this category and can likewise be tackled by using a moisture removal solution. The use of dehumidifiers also boosts production rates in pharmaceutical manufacturing by speeding up the tablet coating and capsule-filling phases.

Lastly, Dessica’s new energy-saving patent opens the way for solutions that are even more green (the patented solution is designed to be powered by solar panels or hot water, via cogeneration) as well as being cheaper to run!



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