Desiccant air dryer system

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Control humidity in the food processing sector with a desiccant air dryer system

Getting on top of humidity is critical for anyone involved in the food processing business. A failure to do so can result in particle contamination, poor hygiene and working conditions; to name just a few drawbacks. Dessica Dryair’s food processing solutions come in the shape of a highly effective, cost-efficient and food-safe range of sterile desiccant dehumidification systems. These have applications in packaging and storage environments, especially for dairy, seafood, food ingredient and meat processing segments. Thanks to features like stainless-steel construction with non-sticky inside panels and the latest in silica gel desiccant rotor technology.

Boost profitability thanks to the desiccant air dryer by Dessica Dryair

There are many ways in which a desiccant system can improve a business’ bottom line. Dessica Dryair has customers in multiple fields, including major food processors and pharmaceutical companies, where small improvements in efficiency can deliver big savings; both these sectors make extensive use of the spray drying process. One of the areas in which the superior humidity control delivered by the Dessica desiccant air dryer system is particularly important, as seasonal variations in humidity can noticeably reduce drying tower capacity. In fact, caking can sometimes even interrupt production entirely, which can have huge knock-on effects.

Similar problems can be posed in industrial bakeries, where moisture can lead to clogging in the pneumatic transport systems. Dessica’s solutions will also reduce product stickiness and boost product homogeneity, both of which make for an end product that’s more attractive to consumers.

In addition to food and pharmaceuticals, Dessica also partners with the chemical industry, notably in the area of dry room control systems. Its desiccant dehumidification systems can operate in environments at between -20°C and 40°C and are fully modular and highly adaptable. It’s no wonder that major multinationals as diverse as Nestlé, Procter and Gamble, Alstom and Merck use the Dessica Dryair range!

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