How is humidity removed from the air?

We call an adsorption dehumidification system when it is characterized by the use of a solid agent having a high affinity with moisture. In this case, the surfaces of the micro pore system adsorbs water vapor in the air. The most used systems are composed of silica gel.

How works a dehumidifier with desiccant wheel?

The adsorption air dryer work with a desiccant rotor made up of silica gel, a solid absorbent which have a high affinity with water. The third generation desiccant wheel have a high dehumidification performance and reduce energy consumption. The DESSICA systems use two airs flow crossing the desiccant rotor. The main air flow, the process air, dry by crossing the rotor. The second air flow regenerate the rotor to evacuate the humidity contain in the rotor. The operation is infinite because the rotor is reactivated all the time.

Air dryer functioning

This process is particularly efficient in spray drying process, in pharmaceutical, chemical industry, and for seeds storage preservation.