Standalone rotary adsorption air dryer DL8000I

Standalone rotary adsorption air dryer DL6000I

High performance desiccant rotor
Configurable access easement
Easy maintenance
High efficiency fans with EC motor
Adjustable airflows with potentiometer

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Learn more about the air dryer DL8000I

The DL range of dehumidifiers is designed to meet the different needs of users in construction and industry, particularly for the storage, conservation and preservation of equipment and buildings.

DL rotary dehumidifier operate using the process of dehumidifying air with solid adsorbents. The DL works by adsorption with a high performance Silicagel desiccant rotor continuously reactivated.
Furthermore, they include a painted steel casing, two fans with EC motor (Electronically Commutated) on control potentiometer, two air filters (G4), an electric heater, an electrical power and control cabinet.

Nominal air flow : 8000 m3/h
Available pressure : 620Pa
Dehumidification capacity (20°C and 60% RH) : 37,7 kg/h
Dry air flow range : de 5000 à 10000 m3/h
Wet air flow : 1575 m3/h
Available pressure : 270 Pa
Reactivation electrical power : 47,25 kW
Electrical power : 53,90 kW

Capacity diagram DL8000I

In addition to the adsorption air dehumidification system, DL units can be supplied with the following equipment and functions:

➔ Standard

- Configurable easement (left or right)
- Regeneration temperature viewer
- External start
- Operating feedback
- G4 internal filtration

➔ Options

- Humidity control (on–off-control)
- Operating time
- Filter clogging
- Mounted on frames with wheels and equipped with lifting rings
- External filter box (G4 to M6)


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