In the chemical industry, controlling airborne contaminants is both a requirement and a challenge. Dry rooms represent an answer to this challenge. A dry room is a clean room whose atmosphere is controlled in temperature and humidity with a relative humidity of less than 20%. When this level is less than 2%, the term “anhydrous room” is used. Dessica ™ Systems’ make it possible to obtain, in these dry rooms, the required conditions of temperature, humidity or dust.



  • Control low humidity level required for production (dry air up to -60 °C dew point)
  • Maintain a high quality standard for manufactured products
  • Protect the products from corrosion (lithium Ion batteries for example)
  • Provide dry air handling units with a high level of air and water tightness


The quality of our products, the efficiency of our installation and the impact on your work processes will be almost immediate.

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