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Why is food industry humidity control so crucial?

There are several reasons that come instantly to mind when answering the question of why humidity control in food processing is so important – product purity and quality, improved hygiene and less wastage to name a few. However, there are more benefits than this for businesses that use dry air for food processing operations. Dehumidification systems for the food processing industry offer major advantages in several additional areas.



Description of Dessica's food processing

Most food processing plants are concerned with the control of the humidity level in their workshops. Dessica ™ Systems’ provide cold, sterile and dry air that generates many benefits in every sphere of the working environment.

Firstly, the naturally-faster drying that goes with a humidity-controlled environment can save a lot of time during the curing process some foods undergo. This also makes it easier for businesses to respond to changing levels of consumer demand.

Secondly, achieving a more stable humidity level means that production processes remain unaffected by the weather or the time of year. A more uniform product quality can be achieved.

Lastly, lower levels of humidity can ward off issues linked to packaging integrity. A damper atmosphere, for example, is more likely to lead to the corrosion of tins or result in paper packaging breaking down.


Humidity control delivers cheaper food processing solutions

It’s worth remembering that humidity control in food processing is also about delivering more environmentally-friendly solutions. It’s not just that using dry air for food processing helps reduce the amount of food thrown out due to mould and other kinds of microbial infection – although this is a real positive. . It’s the fact that it also offers a major boost to businesses wanting to cut down on their general energy usage.

In the longer term, machinery is less likely to experience temporary breakdowns. It’s also probable that the useful lifespan of production equipment will be prolonged by exposure to a drier working environment. Such equipment will not need to be replaced as often, saving on the substantial amounts of energy and raw materials that are involved in the machinery manufacturing process.

The other benefits of Dessica ™ Systems' in food industry

  • Prevention of physical (particle) or microbiological contamination
  • Retention of the original product characteristics
  • Hygiene, safety and working conditions improvements
  • Reduction of the post-wash drying process (increase in productivity and absence of post-contamination)

The quality of our products, the efficiency of our installation and the impact on your work processes will be almost immediate.

We have established our reputation by exceeding the expectations of our customers. If you arelooking for an innovative way to improve your profitability, it will be a pleasure to meet with you andprovide more specific benefits of Dessica™ Systems for your company.
Dessica™ Systems is your specialist in dry air!


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