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The vegetable and fruit technology evaporation system by Dessica Dryair

A huge challenge facing both the fruit and vegetable production sectors is the impact of high temperatures upon produce during the immediate post-harvesting phase. Unless these kinds of foodstuffs can be transferred to and stored in a cool environment quickly, they risk deterioration with regard to multiple physical characteristics (e.g. colour, texture) which can reduce their market value. There are also obvious implications regarding shelf life. Traditionally, people have used various kinds of refrigeration techniques, but these pose several problems – this is where a spray drying tower for vegetables or fruits can work wonders!

Using a spray drying tower to create fruit powders

The use of dry air in a spray drying tower is an excellent way for agri-business to create new products with a far longer shelf-life than fresh produce. The spray drying tower that is used to process either fruit juice or fruit mash and turn it into fruit powders is one of the key components of Dessica’s vegetable and fruit technology evaporation system. A huge range of different fruit powders can be created using this approach. Pineapple, orange, guava, banana, mango, watermelon and tomato are just some of the fruits commonly treated in this way.


Spray drying is suitable for vegetables too!

It’s not just fruit that can be turned into a powder. Plenty of vegetables are suited to this approach as well. Staples such as potatoes are often spray-dried to produce ‘instant’ mashed potato products – this can be an excellent way for farmers to deal with a large surplus. The vegetable and fruit technology evaporation system designed by Dessica incorporates a spray drying tower, which is capable of dealing with the very large quantities that can sometimes be involved in these operations. Spray-dried vegetable powders are typically used in soups, stock cubes, sauces, flavours and as dietary supplements, to name just a few applications. Vegetables often used include beetroot, garlic, onion, cauliflower and cucumber.

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