Dessica dry air technics

Dessica is a specialist in dry air technology and its industrial applications for drying and dehumidification. We have been developing our knowledge in the supply of innovative solutions adapted to the dry air requirements of manufacturing processes. These solutions carry out the hygrometric control of premises, the storage of products in dry air or to prevent condensation.

In addition, our systems eliminate the problems of clogging and caking of pneumatic transports, storage silos of pulverized products.

Our story



DESSiCA, founded in 1999 with the ambition of becoming a reference company on the EUROPEAN MARKET in the mastery of dry air techniques and its industrial applications for drying and dehumidifying the air. It has a recognized know-how in the creation of innovative solutions adapted to the needs of his clients.



In 2012, following the retirement of the company’s founder, DESSiCA became a Cooperative Society increasing the involvement and the desire of each employee to the company’ success.


Following the purchase of BTI, DESSICA has its own tool to better control its production. The group has 45 employees for a turnover of €6 millions.


DESSiCA recognized know-how and well adapted solutions for drying air needs makes it a major SME in this niche market. With an extraordinary ratio between its corporate revenues and the number of employees, the performance of DESSiCA is not to be doubted.

With more than 20 years of experience in Europe, DESSiCA is now expanding its operations in the Americas.



Our corporate culture is based on the following principles:


Autonomy and Responsibility

We build relationships on trust and allow each employee to take initiatives, to be a responsible of his work and to be able to make decisions based on clear and measurable objectives.


We encourage participation of each employee concerned in the decision-making process, flexibility, mutual aid, benevolence and teamwork.

Customer satisfaction

Our practices in customer relationship include needs understanding, clear propositions, compliance with commitments and after-sales service.


We demand high standards of ourselves and others. We are concerned about the job well done, the quality of our services and our products. With a goal of reliability and optimization of our products and services, we implement a continuous process improvement both internally and regarding our customers and suppliers.


We work efficiently by organizing our tasks, planning, anticipating when it’s possible and limiting costs. We strive to attain good performances by rationally way and to optimize means to achieve results.

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