Humidity control system

Humidity control specialist

Dessica is a French dry air specialist escorted with skillful partners in three continents (Europe, Africa, America). The DESSICA systems provide a high dehumidification performance and reduce energy consumption compared to the other silicagel desiccant rotor of the same dimensions. DESSICA offers a global approach with the study of your needs, solution design, commissioning and installation, maintenance.

Many advantages of industrial dehumidifer

There are many advantages to using a Dessica industrial dehumidifier:

  • High desiccant rotor
  • Reliability and simple maintenance
  • Electric, steam or gas reactivation
  • Modular and adaptable
  • Dessica’s patent on energy saving system

Dessica supplies from trusted partners to provide a high-quality desiccant dehumidifier. All components contained in our devices have been selected for their performance and reliability.