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Excess humidity and moisture are serious issues that affect a great, many industries. First and foremost, any business that has to handle foodstuffs on a regular basis will probably require some sort of humidity control. Food processing plants, for example, need a dry, sterile environment that will reduce the risk of microbiological contamination to an absolute minimum. The kind of atmosphere delivered by industrial humidity control systems also bring benefits for the workforce in the shape of safer, more hygienic working conditions.

If you’re producing bread and pastries on an industrial scale, a Dessica humidity control system is just what you need to counter a key challenge faced by businesses in this sector – the avoidance of the kind of product stickiness which can be complicated on conveyor belts.

Lastly, dry air is critical to any company that’s involved in seed storage & preservation, principally to ward off germination and to boost seed dormancy.

In addition to the food processing segment, industrial humidity control has a major part to play in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, with applications at multiple stages in the medication manufacturing process (capsule-filling, powder compression, effervescent pill, the production and storage of items such as lithium-ion batteries (the creation of dry rooms).

Humidity control system DESSICA industrial dehumidifier dryer

Dessica Dryair humidity control is set to become even more eco-friendly

Dessica has recently filed a ground-breaking new patent that is hoped will cut down on energy consumption and link up to sources of greener power generation. Centring around rotation of the speed of the desiccant wheel – a key component of industrial humidity control systems – this new patented system can be run off electricity generated by solar panels. As well as burnishing the company’s green credentials, this new technology also represents a boon for any business seeking to reduce the running costs of their dehumidification and humidity control operations.

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