Our technology


The process of dehumidifying air with solid adsorbents is characterized by taking advantage of the properties of an agent having a high affinity with water. Our systems include a desiccant rotor based on silica gel (SiO2) or molecular filters. These systems can be used under low level of humidity (-60 ° C dew point). They have the advantage of being able to use other energy sources than electricity to dehumidify the air, such as superheated water, steam or gas burner directly in the air stream. The third generation PPS and PPX silica gel desiccant rotors install on our air dryers contains a high active silica gel component. It provides a high dehumidification performance and reduce energy consumption.




DESSICA systems uses two independent and counter-current air flows through the desiccant rotor, with a slow and continuous pace:                         vcbvbvcbvcbvcbvcbbbvcxbvcbvbv

    • the main air flow (process air) is dried
    • the secondary flow (reactivation air), of lesser volume, is used to evacuate the moisture retained by the desiccant rotor.

Two fans set in motion both air streams.

Silica gel is a high- performance hygroscopic material capable of retaining the water vapor contained in the ambient air. By floating through the rotor, the humid air loses its moisture captured by the silica gel material. The dry air is then totally usable.

The purpose of the reactivation air is to evacuate the moisture captured by the silica gel in the rotor. The air is brought to an approximate temperature of 212°F to 320°F (100°C to 160°C) and then crosses the rotor against the wet air flow to remove the moisture retained in the silica gel. The wet reactivation air leaves the dehumidifier to be evacuated outside the building or any other premises.

Why buy DESSICA Dry Air?

High dehumidification performance

The industrial desiccant system provides a high dehumidification performance and reduce energy consumption compared to other silica gel desiccant rotors of the same dimensions. The third generation PPS and PPX silica gel desiccant rotors mounted on our air dryers contains a high active silica gel component. These systems include the latest innovations for adsorption desiccant rotors and use the new energy saving system (Dessica’s patent).

Quality construction

The dehumidification systems are made of self-supporting panels (pre-lacquered sheet, galvanized steel or stainless steel 304L or 316L) double skinned (without aluminum sides) insulated by 2-inches high-density mineral wool. Two models are available: outdoor or indoor installation. Our practices in customer relationship include needs understanding, clear propositions, compliance with commitments and after-sales service. We demand high standards of ourselves and others. We are concerned about the job well done, the quality of our services and our products. With a goal of reliability and optimization of our products and services, we implement a continuous process improvement both internally and regarding our customers and suppliers.

Custom units

DESSICA systems offers a tailor-made complete solution including filtration, heat exchangers and adapted regulation system. We can provide products from any size whatever any options, features and things are needed. We can custom build specifically for you and your needs. Design custom configurations with standard components to meet unique project requirements. Build for your specifications

Easy maintenance

DESSICA systems are modular and adaptable air dehumidification units specially designed to meet the requirements of users in the industry. These dehumidification systems include easy access with dedicated maintenance doors. This is technical solution with low maintenance requirements apart from changing air filters 1 to 2 times a year. Desiccant wheel life: 80% minimum yield after 10 years (subject to proper use.)

Many options

Available options:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Gas, electric or steam reactivation
  • MODBUS communication
  • Humidity control
  • Temperature control
  • Air flow control
  • Graphic control screen
  • Historical data
  • Wheel rotation control
  • Filling filters control
  • GSM communication module (incompatible with MODBUS)


Dessica is a French company which manufacture its own products in its workshop thanks to a skilled team made of engineers, sales team, technicians, assemblers. The company have a strong experience for 20 years in dehumidification and drying solutions for industries. Dessica is a dry air specialist escorted with skillful partners in three continents (Europe, Africa, America). All the teams share special links together to bring the better service for the customer satisfaction. With our trained and equipped team there is always someone to assist.

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