Air dehumidifiers for industrial processes DP062G

Air dehumidifiers for industrial processes DP DESSICA Dry air technics

Many configurations
Casing in stainless steel
High performance desiccant rotor
Configurable access easement
Simple maintenance
High efficiency fans with EC motor
Integrated controls (humidity, temperature and air flow rates)
Programmable logic controller (PLC)

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The DP range of dehumidifiers is designed to meet the different needs of users in industry, particularly for production and packaging environments and drying processes.

DP rotary dehumidifiers operate using the solid adsorbent air dehumidification process. The DP are equipped with a continuously regenerated high performance PPS silica gel desiccant wheel. They also include a double skinned 30mm insulated stainless steel casing, two fans with EC motor (electronic commutation), single or double stage filtration, a regeneration heating coil, a power and control panel controlled by a PLC.

Dry air flow range : de 1000 à 4000 m3/h
Wet air flow : 900 m3/h
Available pressure : 230 Pa
Electrical power : 27 kW

Diagramme de capacite DP062G

In addition to the adsorption air dehumidification system, the DP units can be configured with the following equipment and functions :


  • Pre-filtration from G4 to F9
  • Final filtration from F8 to H14

Regeneration heater

Electric heater
Air/steam heat exchanger
Air/water heat exchanger
Air stream gas burner


Regeneration temperature
External start and operation return
Rotor rotation guard
Operating time
Filter guard
TCP IP communication with Ethernet or RS485 port

Each DP is equipped with an electrical cabinet containing the power and control elements including:
- Circuit breaker
- Automatic control screen
- Emergency stop button

The PLC manages the following functions:
- Start and stop sequence
- Machine safety
- Faults

The following functions are available on the screen:
- Operating mode
- Faults
- Setpoint and control parameters

➔  Integrated heating or cooling in additional units

Chilled air/water heat exchanger
Air/hot water or water/steam exchanger
Electric heater

PID control

Process air flow rate
Regeneration air flow rate
Pre-treatment temperature
Post-treatment temperature


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