innovation_business-561387_640It was in Trévoux, France that Dessica was created. Passed on to its employees in 2012 by the founder, “the Cooperative society status appeared to us more modern, more adapted to our expectations and our prospects”, explained its manager Patrick Charrondière. In fact, this company specialized in dry air technology and its industrial applications for drying and dehumidification, is establishing itself as a reference company on the European market in the control of dry air technics.

Dessica has a recognized know-how in providing innovative solutions adapted to the needs of the manufacturing market.

Dessica has just obtained a European patent for optimization of the rotation speed of the desiccant wheel, this is tied to the evolution of the temperature and humidity conditions of the treated air. This process will allow a significant reduction in the energy consumption of the drying and dehumidification systems.

With a broad and diversification vision its activity, Dessica is currently working on the development of a desiccation cooling system with very low environmental impact.

This system, called DEC (for Desiccant Evaporative Cooling), is designed to be powered by solar thermal panels or by residual hot water from cogeneration. It will not use any refrigerant and electricity consumption will be limited to motor-driven fans and micro-engines. This innovative project was supported by French authorities (BpiFrance), within the framework of the Support to Innovation Network (AIR) program. The patent obtained by Dessica will also contribute to improving the performance of the DEC system.

The acquisition of this patent is above all an indicator of the dynamism of the R & D division:

a guarantee of seriousness and the demonstration that Dessica knows how to project itself to create innovation; thanks to a motivated and involved team in its cooperative society.