Dessica is a French company which manufacture its own products in its workshop thanks to a skilled team made of engineers, sales team, technicians, assemblers. The company have a strong experience for 20 years in dehumidification and drying solutions for industries.

All employees gathered during the company’s 20th anniversary in 2019

North & South America dehumidification systems

Dessica works with dedicated partners in North and South America to be closer to customers. In north America (United States and Canada), Dessica cooperates with Eureach for the commercial relation and sales part. For the commissioning, maintenance and after sales service, Soteck takes action to customer sites to install air dryer. All the teams share special links together to bring the better service for the client satisfaction.

The French and Canadian teams gather for a project management

In South America the company Tecnysol, expert in industrial processes, is the official representative of our brand. Tecnysol manages the customer relation and the commissioning for Chile, Peru, Equator and Colombia.

Dessica is organized in cooperative company (named SCOP in France) since 2012. Some of the employees own the company. The participatory governance in the management give agility and involvement to the team.