study design dehumidifier manufacturer

You can visit our website to learn more about our range of products: Dessica products. Our sales team is available to provide you the best advice for your installation.

To bring you the best advice, we need to have some factors of the installation:

  • What humidity level do you need?
  • What is the area of ​​the room to be treated?
  • Why do you need dry air?
  • Do you need to adjust temperature?
  • Which energy do we have to reactivate the rotor desiccant wheel? Steam or gas?
  • Of which material the casing of the industrial dehumidifier shall be made: galvanized steel or painted steel? or do you need stainless steel?
  • What electrical network do you have?

Put in touch with a sales engineer to get an in-depth study of your installation.

Do not hesitate to contact us, you can send an email at We have a strong experience for more than 20 years in spray drying process, dry rooms, food processing, milk evaporation and seeds storage.