Modular units dehumidification and air treatment

What is the dehumidification process?

The dehumidification process is based on air flows and desiccant rotor. An industrial dehumidifier is made in stainless steel to master hygrometry. There are particularly adapt for workshops, warehouses, laboratories, nuclear power plant, silos.

What is an industrial dehumidifier?

An industrial dehumidifier provides an accurate dry air. Industrial dehumidifier regulates hygrometry, temperature and dust.  Industrial dehumidifier works permanently in atmosphere.

The dehumidification capacities of Dessica industrials dehydrators are far superior to standard residential or commercial dehumidifiers on the market. We have multiple options on our industrial dehumidifiers in order to offer you a device that meets perfectly with the constraints of your environment.

We provide a wide range of dehumidification systems for industrial applications: food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, clean room, seeds storage.