Humidity control against corrosion and condensation

The condensation and corrosion phenomena appear when there is a high humidity level. The condensation forms when moist air meets a cold surface, relative humidity increases, and water vapor turns to water. The condensation causes the arrival of molds. The condensation damage walls, painting, equipment; reduces their lifespan and may slow down your production rate. The dehumidifiers with desiccant rotor are more efficient than ventilation and heating because they are adjusted according to the season: summer or winter and they use less energy.

The corrosion attack metals. DESSICA provide various solutions to fight against corrosion. The dehumidification prevents oxidization of metals during sanding phase. The Dessica dryer system maintain a relative humidity under 40% to avoid adhesion problems of surface treatment. The humidity level is also controlled in engineering structures to ensure their longevity, such as bridges, viaducts, dams, tunnels, etc. Dehydrators ensure the circulation of dry air inside the structures.

Metal corrosion curve

DESSICA offers tailor-made solutions to fight corrosion and condensation, adapted to your budget and the technical constraints of the activity.