Milk pouder drying process

Maintain constant hygrometric conditions for spray drying process

The spray drying process is very dependent on climatic conditions. In summer the relative humidity is high, the production capacity down. Whereas in winter it’s the contrary. The Dessica systems provide dry air upstream the spray drying process to have dry admission conditions. The production capacity is maximized and stabilized. The finish product is high quality. Thanks to various sensors, the DESSICA dehumidifier regulates the humidity at a constant level.

Benefits of DESSICA sterile air dehumidification systems

  • Minimize the risks of production interruption due to climatic variations and the sticking of products on the Tower walls
  • Maximise the capacity of the drying tower and stabilized the residual moisture in the final product
  • Optimize and reduce the energy consumption using a patented innovative technology

The quality of our products, the efficiency of our installation and the impact on your work processes will be almost immediate.