Standalone adsorption air dehumidifier DM800-2T

DESSICA Dry Air Dehumidifier three phase DM 600 800 1000 2T

Casing in stainless steel
High performance desiccant rotor
PTC reactivation heater to eliminate the overheating risk
Adjustable air flow potentiometer
Reliability and simple maintenance

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Learn more about the air dehumidifier DM800-2T

The DM range of dehumidifiers is designed to meet the different needs of users in construction and industry, particularly for the storage and production.

The rotary air dehumidifier DM works by adsorption with a high performance Silicagel PPS desiccant rotor continuously reactivated. The stainless casing includes fan(s) with EC motor (Electronically Commutated) on control potentiometer, air filters (G4), an electric heater, an electrical power and control terminals.

Nominal air flow : 800 m3/h
Available pressure : 250 Pa
Dehumidification capacity (20°C and 60% RH) : 4,6 kg/h
Dry air flow range : de 480 à 800 m3/h
Wet air flow : 250 m3/h
Available pressure : 150Pa
Reactivation electrical power : 6,5 kW
Electrical power : 7,3 kW - 400V

Capacity diagram DM800 2T

In addition to the adsorption air dehumidification system, DM units can be supplied with the following equipment and functions :

➔ Standard

• G4 filtration
• 1M version: with handle
• 2M version: potentiometer
• Of/off control system
• Ammeter

➔ Options

• Potentiometer
• Hour meter
• Process air connecter
• Filter box(es)
• 19mm insulation
• Frame and wheels


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